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2D portfolio is live!

Fabien Glasse 2D is now live on artstation. On my before last job, one of my leads told me: “Oh, you do 2D too?” And I realized I hadn’t shared enough..

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Of Marvelous Designer in production
During the production of McVitie's Sweeter Together ad campain, we had to make clothing for an entire..

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The work done for Betano at NOMINT. You'll find all modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering done. And some casino chips explosion FXs !

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The work done for British Gas at Nexus Studios. You'll find all modeling and texturing work, and the process behind both cloth creations (including the special 3d knitting technique used for the jumper).

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The 2016 demoreels are here ! CG generalist reel, FX reel and character reel. These are the latest collection of team and personal work of the past years. Read for more details and to pick the ones you want to see.

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Master done !

That's right, our movie Résistance is "in the bag !". We just finish both sound mastering and editing / compositing mastering here at MoPA.

Next step, Rubika Valencienne for the first public projection and graduation jury.

Commissioned Short

4th year team short at Mopa / Supinfocom. I have done almost all the rocky mountains, the madona statue, the candles fx, during the production sculpting TD for the team, and texturing and scene assembly.

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Marvelous Madness

How far can you go building clothes with Marvelous Designer ?

I'll test this weekend. Here is my work so far. I guess I could go further. We'll see. [...]

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Chef - Weekly Sculpts

Keeping on with the recurring theme of our graduation short, this is a sculpt made in two days. - Mostly compositing and upload in the third part, but my computer rendering a 1080p video [...]

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"Tailoring" time !

I have been working on sides experimentations with Marvelous Designer, some are currently on hold because I am too busy with MoPA jobs, but I'll eventually finish them and make 'em sweet in rendering. Some prototypes already works well and it's fun, so damn fun to use Marvelous Designer. [...]

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Neo-retro ladies concepts

I spend my week-end drawing some concepts for our graduation movie at school and those things came up... gotta make some new character concepts again, but it just so fun to use old references. I found myself using old cinema shots and actual cosplay at the same time ! [...]

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Coming Soon

Here is my little workshop. Since I am the type of artist who live in a cave where no one can enter until all works are done, I've created this blog part. Here I will post some personal news, concepts, sculpting videos, links and pics.

If you want a good start at looking my WIPs, here is some of them.

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My 3rd year short film. We had to create all by ourself a 1 min film following the theme of : The beach.

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Showreel 2014

Here is the first version of my 2014 showreel as a third year CG animation student at Motion Picture in Arles school of 3D Animation & Digital Filmmaking.

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5 days to learn how to use ZBrush at a beginner level, build a base mesh, unwrap it on max, sculpt, texture-it.. Render it.

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