2D Portfolio is live!

Fabien Glasse 2D is now live on Artstation

On my previous job, one of my leads told me: “Oh, you do 2D too Fabien?” And I realized I didn’t shared enough about this side of my work for a while, pushing bigger scale CG projects who took more time forward, but it was more than time to dust off the website.

I’ve done 2D for even longer than I’ve done 3D. Publishing it all at once and mixing them with the CG works would be confusing and overwhelming, so I created an Artstation page with only the works of the past year, and will keep bringing more content there from now on. I really hope you will enjoy this safe-cracking of my personal works - including process GIFs and soon videos - and check me as 2D artist too from now on!

The rest of my works will be on this main website, fabienglasse.com